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2021 North Carolina asian-American entrepreneurship and innovation contest




2021 Awards Ceremony



 NC Asian American Coalition (NCAAC) is partnering with the  International  Leadership  Foundation NC Chapter (ILFNC) to announce the NCAAC Young  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest. This contest aims to explore and foster the innovative entrepreneurial talents of young Asian Americans, with the concept of “Great Challenges Require Greater Solutions” as our inspiration, by encouraging candidates to brainstorm new and innovative policies and technologies following the post-pandemic world.


Winning team will be awarded by NCAAC and ILF in person at the ceremony.

I. Cash Prize:

$500 for 1st place

$300 for 2nd place

$100 for 3rd place

II. Network with CEOS and Interactions with US government officials

III. Media Interviews

IV. Potential Internship by the leading AAPI companies

Basic Rules for the Entrepreneurship Contest


I. Team Qualification: 
1. Participants must be 22 or below. 

2. Teams must consist no more than 5 members.

3. At least one of the team members must be an Asian American.
4. All participants must be studying in North Carolina.


II. Admission fee: No Fees are required to participate in the contest.


III. Submit your application via this form on August 5th 11:59 PM EST.


IV. Presentation: All forms of presentations are welcomed, including PPT, videos, designs, et cetera. Judges will be formed by NCAAC and ILF to review the entries.
*In person presentations are preferred (in Cary, NC), but the Zoom option is available.




VI. There will be two types of award, service or entrepreneurship. 




Participants can obtain online training and counseling, registration details, and other relevant information on the exclusive website of the contest;

National ILF Contest: 


​North Carolina Asian American Coalition (NCAAC) is a grassroots initiative to support the Asian American community and amplify Asian American voices. Our mission is to provide services, education, and advocacy that facilitate Asian American participation in civic, legislative, and community affairs.


The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes the civic awareness, public service, and economic effectiveness of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Our mission is to develop young leaders in the United States, Asia, and other Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship, and international business and politics through a network of business and community leaders.

Contest 2021 Timline
contest 2021 apply now



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Media Partners




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