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Liberty First Grassroots mission is to educate our fellow citizens, attract a community and to mobilize those citizens to secure public policy at the Local, State and Federal level that is consistent with Constitutional conservative values. Liberty First Grassroots believes in a Constitutionally Limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. We will maintain a presence in our precincts to support ALL registered voters in their efforts to have their voices heard furthering the protection of all our Constitutional Rights. Learn More >


Color Us United – Advocating for a Race-Blind America

Color Us United is a home for those who want to live in an America united in our individuality and freedoms. We will support those who fight for a united and free America.

We are the voice of those who oppose dividing America by race, religion, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. We resist those who divide Americans in the name of “racial equity” — in government, schools, corporations, journalism, or social media.

We will promote “We the People of these United States of America.” Learn More >

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Carolina Teachers Alliance is the voice of Carolina educators that empowers members to provide the highest quality, unbiased and achievement-driven education to all children. Learn More >

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