Our values

  •  Family value

  •  Education with choices; no AA nor SAT Adversity Score

  •  Smaller Government : Individual responsibility

  •  Gun rights

  •  Law & Order

  •  Legal immigration





One Voice

Connect the Dots

Training for the Future

Welcome to NCAAC features all North Carolina Asian American communities on one platform, making it easier for advocates of the AAPI community to unify. Instead of asking, the broader & stronger community can be featured and our voices to be heard.

NCAAC serves as the bridge for connecting different voices and uniting the Asian American community and organizing important seminars, activities, training, and connect our community to our state and city officials and recognize the huge contribution Asian American communities cross abroad to advancing our state and make NC better and stronger where we all called home.

NCAAC also provides Leadership Council for our next Asian American leaders like high school and college students. We provide a platform to train up the new leaders and to represent the AAPI community so our NC Asian American families will represent in our local and state.