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Basic Rules

1. Team Qualification:

There are two groups of competitors: the high school level and college level;

Age for High school level: 18 and below; Age for college-level: 21 and below

The teams can have up to 5 members each, at least half of the team members must be Asian Americans.

2. Admission fee: No fees are required to participate in the contest.

3. Register online to obtain the official application:  *NEED TO PROVIDE WEB PAGE LINK*

4. Email and attach application form to

5. Participants must write business plans for projects that focus on the theme and vision of the contest from the perspectives of science, technology, politics, or humanities. The submission should be a Business plan in PDF format, the size of the business plan should be less than 10 pages

Business Plan Template Reference:

6. Presentation: The selected teams should prepare a presentation for judges to review.

Judges will be formed by NCAAC & ILF to review the entries, and the results will be announced virtually.

7. Online Award Ceremony: NCAAC & ILF will host the virtual finals and present the awards on the same day. There will be two groups of participants: High school students and college students; 


* All projects must be original works.  The intellectual property rights of the entries belong to the participants. The organizer has the right to use the entries for promotion and publication (no technical details are involved). Any inventions, patents, and other important related resources must be submitted with full legally authorized intellectual property owner's written authorization and patent certificate.

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NC Asian American Coalition.
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